Starting a new hobby or sport can be intimidating. For a prospective woman hunter, terms like cull, broadhead, high-brass, or choke tube can sound like a foreign language. Add the ever-increasing cost of equipment, the potential to encounter a rattlesnake or large predator, and a societal aversion to firearms, and it's easy to see why many women choose a scrap book over a tree stand. However, in my opinion these initial challenges are also what make being a successful hunter so rewarding. Welcome to my site and happy hunting!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Stephenville Pig Hunt

August 20, 2011 I drove out to Paluxy, Tx to hunt pigs with Joel and a couple guys from TFF.  Joel said he'd been seeing tons of pigs in the creek bottom.  I hunted Saturday night and didn't see anything though there was a LOT of sign.  I was hunting at the top of a bluff and just before dark Saturday night a little raccoon popped right up over the edge.  He was only about 4 feet away and way surprised to see me there!  I tried to draw on him really slow, but he ran back down the bluff and as soon as he hit the water, he let me have it!  Don't think I've ever heard a coon make so much noise.

Sunday I hunted from 6 to 3.  It hit 107 degrees.  Only saw one pig on the other side of the creek and he was moving too fast to get a shot on.  Learned I'm WAY out of hunting shape.  Was really sore for a few days after from sitting still for so long.  Saw a couple of hummingbirds and one scared the crap outta me when it appeared outta nowhere right in front of my nose. 

Joel drove me around a couple of fields after picking me up from my stand and we found a lot of fresh pig sign down the creek from where we hunted.  It looks like the pigs had moved on. 

Lessons Learned:
Thermocells ROCK.  Used it at the first sign of skeeters.  As soon as I turned it on I never saw another bug.
Those neck scarves that you put in the cooler to soak up water work great too.  Saved my rear when it was above 100 Sunday.
Used coon urine on boots as cover scent.  Also, fresh earth clip-ons and spray.   Didn't see any deer but one busted me when I was leaving the stand Sunday. 

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