Starting a new hobby or sport can be intimidating. For a prospective woman hunter, terms like cull, broadhead, high-brass, or choke tube can sound like a foreign language. Add the ever-increasing cost of equipment, the potential to encounter a rattlesnake or large predator, and a societal aversion to firearms, and it's easy to see why many women choose a scrap book over a tree stand. However, in my opinion these initial challenges are also what make being a successful hunter so rewarding. Welcome to my site and happy hunting!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What to Pack for Your Hunting Trip

I'm getting ready to head to the stand for the last weekend of archery season before gun season opens up here in north Texas.  A cold front is blowing through today and there's a chill in the air.  I can hardly contain myself for the anticipation of the hunt!  I finally get to see if all that time spent scouting pays off.

I've been spending all week preparing gear, washing clothes, and getting everything ready.  For my hunting clothes (don't forget your coat), I washed them in Primos Silver XP Scent Eliminator Laundry Detergent and dried them outside.  After they were dry, I wore gloves to load them into a trash bag with some leaves and dirt in it to cover any remaining human scent.  This is very important for archery hunting, but not as much if you're going to be rifle hunting.

As I'm going to be spending the next three days primitive camping, I have two lists of things I need to bring:  camping gear and hunting gear.  Always remember to leave a note and let someone know where you plan to camp and when you plan to return home.  A map of your stand location is also a good idea if you'll be hunting alone.  If you think of anything else that I need to add to the list, leave me a note in the comments. 

Camping Gear:                                  Hunting Gear:
Water jugs                                           GPS
Propane                                               Binoculars
Grill                                                     Map
Matches                                              Range finder
Garbage bags                                      Cover scents
Sleeping bag/pillows/blankets               Sharp knife and/or multi-tool
Cooking pots/plates/flatwear                 Camelback
Cot                                                     Thermocell
Food                                                   Bow/arrows/target/rifle/ammo
Dog food                                             Tree stand
Lantern                                                Flashlight/headlamp
Cooler/ice                                            Flagging
Chairs                                                 Safety harness
Clothes  (to dress in layers)                  Hunting license
Towels/rags                                         Gloves/facemask
Rain gear                                            Camo clothing for hot and cold weather
Prescription drugs/aspirin/antacid          Hot hands/hand warmers
Boots                                                  Day pack
Hand gun (if permitted)                          Hunter orange (if required)
Camera/film/video camera                     Grunt call                          
Toiletries                                             Rattling horns
Extra batteries for all electronics
Toilet paper

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