Starting a new hobby or sport can be intimidating. For a prospective woman hunter, terms like cull, broadhead, high-brass, or choke tube can sound like a foreign language. Add the ever-increasing cost of equipment, the potential to encounter a rattlesnake or large predator, and a societal aversion to firearms, and it's easy to see why many women choose a scrap book over a tree stand. However, in my opinion these initial challenges are also what make being a successful hunter so rewarding. Welcome to my site and happy hunting!

Monday, November 21, 2011

What lipstick goes with Reatree APG???

The other night I was watching American Hoggers on A&E.  Before you judge me, I was doing research.  There are two girls on the show that do a lot of the "hoggin'" so I had to check it out to see how these girls represented the rest of us hunting women.  The show is about an old Texan who runs a hog hunting business with his son and daughter.  This sounds innocuous enough and I'm all for a show highlighting the detrimental effects of hogs on the Texas economy and environment, with the added bonus of promoting women hunters, but unfortunately, it's far from realistic.

Krystal Campbell of American Hoggers
I ran into the same problem when watching some of the other "legitimate" hunting shows featuring women.  On The Crush with Lee and Tiffany and Beyond the Hunt husband/wife teams hit the stand to promote their special brand of hunting prowess.  Please don't get me wrong.  Shows like this bring much-needed attention to women in the outdoors and are partly responsible for our ability to find camo that actually fits off the rack.  But I've been in the outdoors all my life and I've never worried about losing my ring in the body cavity of a deer or tearing up my brand new jeans climbing over a barbed wire fence.  These girls are out there in pristine designer clothes, full makeup, jewelery, and hair perfectly styled.  I realize that this is TV, and it's not supposed to be real, but some women watching may not know that.  On American Hoggers, Krystal "Pistol" Campbell is out in 100-degree weather in full makeup.  There's not one of us who's ever had a job outside in the heat who wears makeup when we're out there.  The first time you sweat it's gonna come pouring off your face and you're gonna be left looking more like the hog than a hogger.  And any outdoor chick knows you don't wear brand new clothes out in the brush.  All that said, perhaps I should cut them some slack.  I don't know that you could catch me on national tv without a stitch of makeup on. 

Tiffany Lakosky of The Crush With Lee and Tiffany
Women obviously face discrimination when it comes to male-dominated sports and hobbies and we have to work twice as hard to prove ourselves.  I wonder if the positive press these shows bring to outdoor women is diminished by the "fluffy" packaging of its stars.  They already catch hogs, kill deer, and keep up with the men in every way.  Maybe if they looked the part they could bring even more credibility to our sisterhood.

It's also possible that I'm being a  little hard on the girls.  Let's face it, sex sells.  And these women are getting paid to do what they love.  They're bringing attention to the sport and cashing in on the new-found  popularity of women in the outdoors.  If getting dressed up in fancy clothes and perfectly coiffed hair helps market your brand then more power to you!  As for me, the vacation from make-up and curling irons is just another added perk of deer camp. 


  1. I wear "makeup" almost every hunt. Carbomask is good for your complexion.

  2. I googled to find out what type of makeup Krystal and Lea where. As I could use some with the outdoors and heat and constant on the go lifestyle, if their's stays on through what they do, I want some of it!
    Then seen your thread about it all... and figured it is too good to be true. I couldn't agree more, with your paragraph discussion. Well atleast on the American Hoggers they do get shiny/sweaty faces, and a little frazzled hair, so I don't think they freshen them up as much as they could. So it is attempted to be as natural as possible. But I was so looking for that miracle makeup that will work as hard as I do... haven't found it yet.
    Love the empowerment of women and I have always worked harder then most boys my age, so I know what you mean and love nature as well.
    Loved reading your blog.